Mold is a common allergen that tends to grow in your air duct system if left unmanaged. It’s important to clean out the air ducts at least twice a month. If you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always hire cleaning services. A good cleaning service is St. Louis duct cleaning service. They provide you quality cleaning service at a good price. In this article, we discuss how mold grows in your air duct system.

How to Identify Mold in your Air Ducts:

  • Itchy eyes or irritable sinuses
  • Chronic respiratory problems; i.e. sneezing and coughing
  • Sudden presence of headaches or feelings of fatigue
  • Observed difficulty in breathing
  • Lack of concentration or reduced focus
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Random bouts of nausea

Once these symptoms are identified, then it may be time to check your air ducts to see if there is a presence of black mold or even green mold. If you do find any kind of mold, then it’s time you call up some professionals so they can provide you assistance to reduce the risk of allergies.

What Causes Mold to Grow:

According to some air duct experts, the growth of mold is often uncommon. But, it can happen as a negative result of flooding in your home or the possibility that something is wrong with the circulation system of your air conditioner. This is unlikely because most air conditioners are programmed to make sure that the environment isn’t ideal for mold to grow.

If this is the case, you should have it checked out by a professional so they can provide you solutions. Having mold in your air ducts can be dangerous if you’re prone to allergy attacks, which is why we suggest having it checked by professionals to help your out of your predicament.

Signs of Black Mold in your Air vents:

  • Odd musty odors around your house: if you notice this, call up a cleaning service immediately to check all the air ducts around your house. The presence of a musty odor means there must be some mold that needs to be cleaned out.
  • Presence of black dust around your vents: If you notice the presence of this dust, don’t disregard it. Try to dust the area around your vents and observe if the dust remains. If it does, then you should hire a professional service to help you clean out your air vents.
  • Observed health symptoms: Previously, in this article, we provided a list of symptoms that you can observe with the presence of mold in your air vents. If this is the case and you have a history of allergy attacks, then you should invest in a cleaning service to help you out. Chronic allergy attacks can lead to more serious respiratory diseases that should be resolved immediately.

What to do When You Find Mold:

If you do find mold in your air vents, then the best course of action is not panic. We suggest hiring a cleaning service because you can trust that they know what to do. Panicking will not solve anything, which is why you have to stay calm.

The presence of mold in your air vents is rare, and often not immediately dangerous. Many cleaning services can help you out and keep you safe.


Your health is very important, which is why you have to keep in mind that your air vents circulate the air. If your air ducts have the presence of mold then you should have it cleaned out to reduce the risk of allergies. This is how mold grows in your air ducts.