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Why You Need to Visit New Jersey.

Ah yes, the Garden State of New Jersey. There are a lot of things that go around this amazing state. So much, that it can actually get pretty overwhelming. But this post is not going to be about the wondrous sights to see in New Jersey. No, today, we are going to be talking about the small things, that make up the bigger picture. The reasons why you should visit New Jersey and experience its diverse culture, and amazing people for yourself!

New Jersyites KNOW how to shop. 

  • There is no one else you would want by your side during a shopping trip than a local in New Jersey. That is because we know where the best place to find whatever it is you’re looking for. With some big branded malls that stretch out from each other every twenty-five square mile, you’ll probably be surprised yourself to find what you’re looking for so easy here. And if that does not suit you, you can always go to the next couple of malls around the area. But if your shopping bug is still not yet satisfied, then there are about fifty more malls for you to check. In short, New Jersey is somewhat just a huge shopping district.

New Jersey is just built differently. 

  • While not technically built, you can actually find the state in a really great spot with its famous “Jersey Shore”. Not only that, but New Jersey is also one of the few states that actually experience all four seasons! And if that doesn’t tickle your interest, well the state is actually the closest to two of the best cities in America, Manhattan, and Philadelphia. So if you ever find yourself wanting a different scene, which I doubt you will because you’re already in New Jersey, you can just find a quick drive over to the neighboring city!

The Diner Capital of the World. 

  • New Jersey is also known as the “Garden State”. This is because of the fact that the state is really well known for its various vegetables, such as corn, tomatoes, and blueberries. It’s best to associate the nickname to the fact that New Jersey actually has some of the best delicacies in the United States. It’s better to call New Jersey the “Diner Capital of the World” really. With a huge variety of different cultural foods around every street corner, you’ll find that eating can be a lot more than just filling our bellies. And while they do specialize more in Italian, you can still find foods like fries, pizza, and sandwiches will be the best you will ever set your tastebuds on.


New Jersey is one of the most diverse and unique cities you will ever encounter. With so many attractions, you can easily miss the great people that actually live there. And though it is also a state filled with intense politics, you’ll find the lively streets of New Jersey can actually be pretty comforting. So if you ever find yourself visiting the States, drop by New Jersey for some of the best street pizza you’ll ever get.