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Fastest Highways in the USA

Posted by Jackie W. on
Fastest Highways in the USA


Road trips are great for when you need a brief escape from daily routines. Of course, it wouldn’t be as fun if you got stuck in a busy highway. We understand that struggle, which is why we compiled a list of the fastest highways in the USA for road trips.

List of the Fastest Highways in the USA:

  • Austin Airport State Highway: This highway extends through it’s east corridor at 211 km, and is found south of Austin. Around the toll gates, the speed limit posted is at 80 mph; however, through a specific section (41 miles), you can go through at 85 mph.
  • Montana, Interstate 90: In this highway, you can go through it at 80 mph while being able to witness the beauty of the country.
  • Wyoming, Interstate 25: In this highway, you can increase your speed to 80 mph and no one would react.
  • Las Cruces, New Mexico: Before the 1950s, there were no speed limits in this highway. In this day and age, the new speed limit from Texas to New Mexico is 75 mph.
  • Utah and Nebraska: Around some specified rural highways, you can drive through them at 80 mph.
  • North and South Dakota: Around urban highways, you are allowed to drive up to 75 mph.
  • Maine, East Coast: Around the East coast, you’re least likely to see a speed limit above 70 mph. However, Maine is the odd duck out because it has a speed limit of 75 mph.

Knowing Your Routes:

Going on a road trip can be quite difficult if you don’t know which highways would be crowded. Avoiding busy highways should be your goal so you can make sure to have an easier road trip. There’s nothing quite like being able to speed through a highway with no fear of being stopped by the cops.

Key Takeaways:

Road trips are a fantastic way to blow off steam when you feel stuck in the rut. However, it is quite easy to have your plans foiled when you get stuck on a busy highway when it’s full of traffic that seems never ending.

We understand that struggle, which is why we compiled a list of the fastest highways in the USA for road trips. Of course, keep in mind that you still have to follow traffic rules. You might not be the only one in the highway.


Fastest highways in the USA

Posted by Jackie W. on
Fastest highways in the USA

Drivers, start your engines! Not too long ago, people were unable to imagine ever being able to drive over 70 mph legally, but since 1995, over 35 states have upped the speed limit to 80 mph.

In some states, a lot faster. As you and your family head out on your big road trip this summer, you might be worried you’ll run into some heavy traffic! Plus, lets face it, you love driving fast! Well,in case you’re wanting to redline it and not go to jail, we have compiled a list of America’s fastest highways, most of which are long, open stretches that connect major urban centers, according to Yahoo Autos.

So, all you’ll have to worry about is getting to your destination safely! Protip: steer clear from D.C and Alaska, because these are the states that  have the lowest top speeds in America!

California, State Route 73

State Route 73 is a limited access toll road on the PCH, within Orange County and the San Diego freeway.

Alabama, I-65

This highway is located between Montgomery and Mobile Alabama. It was originally designed for hurricane evacuation, and though locals say that there are constantly cops on this road, if you’re driving through while there’s a big football game on, they will likely be working (or watching) it.

Oklahoma, State Highway 33

With an average speed of about 87 miles per hour, this highway is located just Northwest of Oklahoma City.


Located between San Francisco and Los Angeles, this stretch of the highway is lined with meatpacking plants! However, there aren’t usually a ton of cops on it, so as long as you’re going fast enough you may not even be able to smell it!

Montana, Interstate 90

You can observe the wildlife in Montana as you take interstate 90! The speed limit is posted as 80 mph!

Michigan, MI-5

The average speed on this road is 81 mph. This road is heading into Detroit from the I-275/I-96 interchange to Telegraph Road.

Arizona, Route 79

Between Saguaro National Park And Phoenix, you’ll find that the average speed of drivers is about 88 mph!

Texas, State Highway 130

This highway definitely retains that Texan “wild west” feel, with the highest speed limit posted in all of the USA- it is 80 miles per hour with one specific section of the highway being 85 mph!