Ever since I could remember and up to the point my dad had bought my first car, I have always been the up and go type. In fact I was eighteen the day my dad bought me a smaller Toyota Corolla, and I was so excited to drive it and travel, that I called up two of my best friends and convinced them to pack a bag and take off with me.

I didn’t have to persuade them much since they new how spontaneous I can be and before I knew it we were blaring music, and on one of our first of many adventures to come. My friend mentioned something about a Burning Man festival and I had no idea what it was but I said sure let’s go!

Black Rock City, Nevada, which is where my friend said the festival was going to be at. It was September 1st, 2008 and we only had a few more days left to reach the festival before it was over. However, we ran into two problems on the way. Our first mishap was we had a tire blow out, but thankfully out of the three of us, I was the only one who knew how to jack up a car and change a flipping tire!

But we came unprepared so we only had a small spare, but I figured that would do the trick and so we had no other choice but to use it. The second thing that happened to us was, once we got half way into Wyoming, was my car started to overheat. So, we had to pull over and use whatever water bottles we had in the car to quench my radiators thirst but it was only enough to get us to a nearby rest area.

That night we stayed in the rest area and I played my acoustic guitar in the bathroom stall. The next day we sat around not sure what to do and my friends desperately wanted to go back home but I still wanted to continue on with our journey.

So, we wasted half of our day trying to rig up the radiator but had no luck, till someone showed up and asked us what was going on and just so happened to have some radiator sealant and extra JB weld. We said thank you put it on the radiator and waited till the next day, the sealant hardened and I convinced my friends for us to keep going. By the fourth day, we finally reached Black Rock City and it was amazing!

There were so many people with art and signs around and so many lights, it seemed like a twilight zone. There was loud music, dancing it was crazy! There were all kinds of people, living life, carefree, having fun and I’ll never forget it, especially when they set the huge burning man statue on fire it was remarkable! We spent one night there and the next day we left exhausted and tired as hell.

Once we got to towards Utah we finally pulled over and called our parents as we knew they were worried sick and we asked them to wire us money and they did. And we were able to get a used tire and we started to drive back home. But once we got closer South Dakota, the radiator gave out completely and it cracked so bad that steam and water was bursting out and spraying everywhere.

At that point we knew that our travels would no longer continue and we had no choice but to have our parents come rescue us. We were pretty silent on the way home, my car was being towed on the back of my dad’s truck. But it wasn’t a few months after that, that my friends and I set off for another adventure and we kept doing the same spontaneous travels to random places every summer from then on.

We could go on and on with our family travels. This blog is going to do just that. We’d love to hear from you if you want to know more about our crazy adventures.